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You are the owner of an apartment or a house in a holiday park by the sea. Then you want to definitely their management leave in good hands. Agence Notre Dame guarantees a complete servic:

  • We manage the financial accounts of the building
  • The necessary payments are made on time ; reckoning we make at the end of the financial year
  • We foresee a General Assembly annually
  • All suggestions and comments of the owners be discussed ; Financial operations are monitored and approved
  • We are responsible for the insurance of the building
  • In case of damage (such as fire, water , or storm damage ) we perform directly the more urgent repairs . After the return we will make every effort to obtain compensation as soon as possible
  • We are always available , even outside office hours and on holidays
  • Our telephone answering service is available 7 days on 7 , and around the clock, standby.
  • Permanent monitoring of your property
  • We are open all year waiting for you to solve big and small problems. So we go in the winter in all the buildings, to avoid any breaks in the water pipes. Also, after every storm we check all buildings.

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